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You’ll find SHS on the farm, at the grocery store, in the drive-thru lane, around the family dinner table and everywhere in between. From inputs and animal health to distribution and consumer packaged goods to food trends and the politics of food, SHS devours challenges from food brands.

HOW WE THINK ABOUT WHAT WE EAT How consumers think about what they eat has marketing impact all along the food value chain. SHS has undertaken an extensive multi-year mission to determine how and why consumers make food choices today and what will drive them in the future. FoodThink offers insights gleaned from this effort for marketers from farm to table.


Are We Chain Obsessed?

When it comes to restaurants and grocery stores, consumers want a little of both national and local.



From the back forty to the front row of the movie theater, SHS serves up a heaping helping of tasty work for a diverse set of food clients.

Our Clients

  • Cal-Ann Farms

  • Cargill Meat Solutions

  • Coca-Cola

  • Dairy Farmers of America

  • Dr. Pepper

  • Granola Jones

  • Hemme Dairy, LLC

  • KC Wine Co

  • Shatto Farms


  • Yeti Frozen Custard

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Guy-centric work that'll put hair on your chest. Or shave it off. We don't judge either way.

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