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Proof in Our Collective Pudding.

SHS acknowledges that there's work that's bad and effective and then there's work that's good and effective. We always vote for the latter. So, what happens when a brand chooses to stand out? Good things, friends. Good things.

American Century Investments


American Century Investments wanted to improve trade movement in its international funds. The challenge was that not only did American Century Investments need to raise awareness of its international funds with advisors, it also needed to give those advisors tools to help them sell the funds to their own clients.


Not every advisor was comfortable selling the benefits of international funds.


American Century Investments’ international growth funds could be the missing piece of your clients’ portfolios.

Borderless Thinking

SHS counseled American Century Investments to create an integrated outreach campaign that not only educated advisors about their product offerings, but also gave advisors tools to reach out to their own clients and start a conversation. Advisors received packs of clever, internationally themed postcards that they could send their own clients.

  • Six transactions of more than $100K directly attributed to the campaign
  • Largest transaction from this target in 12 months – $850K – attributed to the campaign