Case Story

Docs Billboard

How SHS combined creative messaging with new advances in addressable TV technology to break through complacency and get cattle producers interested in a new type of dewormer.



59.3 Million

Product Awareness


This new product launch exceeded very aggressive sales goals by 126 percent in what had become a stagnant dewormer market.


Cattle producers are notoriously difficult to reach from a marketing perspective because of their hectic, unpredictable schedules. Also, it is difficult to convince them to try new products, especially in the me-too world of cattle dewormers. So not only did SHS have to build awareness of LONGRANGE, we also had to convince cattle producers through product education – more education than could be communicated in a print ad or broadcast spot.



Marketing to cattle producers tends to be limited to the heavily competitive trade ad space. Partnering with DISH Network to take advantage of new advancements in Addressable-Interactive TV technology, SHS was able to target hard-to-reach cattle producers in high U.S. cattle population counties to effectively build awareness and educate them about the benefits of LONGRANGE.

Docs Billboard


Merial needed more than :30 to educate producers on the benefits of LONGRANGE, so our media team worked with DISH Network to create an interactive application, Producers could then learn more by simply hitting their TV remote "select" button, which led them to additional product information and long-form producer testimonial videos.


visitors to the
interactive application

1 min. 7 sec.

average time spent
with testimonial videos

193 hours

cattle producer testimonial
video content consumed

SHS was able to target hard-to-reach cattle producers in high U.S. cattle population counties.

In DISH Network's first-ever Addressable-Interactive TV campaign executed in the agricultural space, our efforts to bring LONGRANGE messaging outside of the traditional trade media space and into the living rooms of cattle producers was highly successful.