A Special 12-Round Contest versus nasty ear infections
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Baytril® Otic is an established ear infection treatment for dogs that’s been around for decades and faces tough competition from newer competitors that require fewer doses to work. But what this time-tested product lacks in ease, it makes up for in power. Due to a unique pair of active ingredients, Baytril® Otic can go round for round with a particularly nasty strain of bacteria that the competition can’t.

To highlight this fact, we created a calendar for veterinarians inspired by vintage boxing posters. It shows exactly how Baytril® Otic can help vets fight nasty for the health of their patients and the sanity of their clients.

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Vicious Vandy
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Vicious Vandy Stats

Sure, she usually rides around in oversized handbags and luxury SUVs. But when Pseudomonas hits her where it hurts, this glam gal transforms into nothing short of a junkyard dog. Think we’re, like, kidding? We have the mauled, Italian leather, designer evidence to prove it.

Milton Townsend - The Tower of Terror
Fight Nasty Star Divider
Boo Boo McGrew - The Ghost
Mora Johnson - The Claw
Mora Johnson Stats

This grizzled veteran knows how to deliver punishment – to herself. When nasty ear infections hit, she hits right back, scratching them into submission until her face is as raw as her grasp of proper house training. Grab that Baytril® Otic quick, or this proud fighter is headed straight for the cone of shame.

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