WHITE PAPERDigital Domination: Tech’s influence on mealtime decisions

What marketers need to know about consumers’ reliance on technology when making decisions.

  • April 13, 2017

Digital Domination: Tech’s influence on mealtime decisions

Technology continues to impact Americans’ relationship with food. And it’s not limited to how they’re finding restaurants or recipe sites. Meal subscription services are on the rise, as is online grocery shopping. Many restaurants are allowing consumers to order and make reservations online. Shareable, step-by-step recipes are dominating social media. And as the world becomes more reliant on technology, consumers are following suit in the kitchen. Additionally, technology isn’t just for Millennials – older consumers are adopting technology at greater rates than younger generations. Social media and recipe sites have surpassed cookbooks. The recipes that once took up shelf space can now easily be stored in the palm of one’s hand. Undeniably, technology is impacting food decisions. In this white paper, FoodThink explores how technology is changing consumers’ relationship with food.

Takeaways from this white paper include:

  • How consumers are embracing technology
  • How shoppers are using their mobile phones in grocery
  • How digital is used in the kitchen