WHITE PAPERRegulation Nation

In this white paper titled, “Regulation Nation,” we explore the consumer side of government regulation in the food industry.

  • October 14, 2014

Regulation Nation

Opinions are mixed on the benefits of government food regulation

In an era of food-safety scares and a national obesity epidemic, the food industry has faced heightened scrutiny. Many have called for increased regulation of the food industry to help ensure the production of safe, healthy, quality food. But what do consumers think? Do they support more control over food production? Or do they worry that too much regulation will limit the industry and their personal freedoms? It’s a complex situation leaving many Americans conflicted.

Americans do not universally agree on whether the government has too much, too little or the right amount of involvement. And while many regulations do test positively, more recent regulations are not as widely accepted. Food marketers have opportunities to build consumer trust and make it easier for consumers to understand regulations.

Takeaways from this white paper include:

  • Opinions are split on government regulation
  • A lack in trust of food companies to self-regulate and government to act in our best interest
  • Consumers’ desire for empowerment, not restrictions