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SHS Hosts Sheep Show Popup Art Gallery

The Annual SHS Sheep Show is back.

  • September 12, 2018

SHS Hosts Sheep Show Popup Art Gallery

Pop Up Art Show to be Held in Kansas City and Wichita Offices

The Annual SHS Sheep Show is back and be advised: this year’s theme is Hidden Messages.

Join us on First Friday in the Kansas City Crossroads and on Final Friday in Wichita’s Old Town for top secret, subliminally sublime works of art. The pop up show will make an appearance at both of the agency’s Kansas City and Wichita offices, featuring art created by our very own Sheephaters. That part, at least, is no secret.

Art pieces created by local and national advertising award winners from both offices will be featured, along with an interactive video booth and refreshments.

The SHS Sheep Show is open to all curious minds and lovers of art and the unconventional.

“For each year’s Sheep Show, our artists push the creative envelope a little further. This year’s installation will include a variety of pieces that live up to that expectation,”  says Joe Wilper, creative director, Sullivan Higdon & Sink. “We’ve got a lot more interactive elements in this year’s show and everyone seems pretty inspired to create. We hope to draw in some people who may not be familiar with our work and SHS culture.”

The Midwest-based advertising indie’s long-standing motto, “We Hate Sheep,” serves as a reminder to lead instead of follow and to never blend in, a missive the company’s creatives take to heart in creating these works.

Kansas City – 2000 Central St: Friday, Oct. 5, 6-8:30 p.m.

Wichita – 255 N. Mead: Friday, Oct. 26, 6-8:30 p.m.

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