— 08.21.17 —

Eclipse Craze Creates Black Milk

Raise a glass toward the sun. Shatto Milk first company to offer Black Milk and host a toast to the solar eclipse.

  • August 21, 2017

Eclipse Craze Creates Black Milk

To celebrate the solar eclipse, Sullivan Higdon & Sink worked with Shatto Milk Company to create and release a limited-edition ECLIPSE bottle with white lettering filled with flavored black milk — Cookies ’n Cookies ’n Cream.

Shatto is the first company in America to offer Black Milk. In addition to its limited quantity of 6,500 bottles and availability in stores, a few thousand people attended a sold-out event at the farm to see the eclipse and receive a bottle of the unique milk.

Each Shatto Milk Company package design featured it’s own unique word and story to accompany it:

Something’s going on. Something weird. So we’ve got black milk in a bottle, right? Black. Milk. It’s totally mental. And you people are out here just standing around like nothing’s happening, staring up at the sk—WHOA! WHAT IS HAPPENING!?! WHERE’D THE SUN GO!?! IS THIS THE END!?! OH GOSH, OH GOSH, OH GOSH, OH WHAT WILL WE DO WITH ALL THESE SOLAR PAN—oh? The sun’s back? The sun’s back. Whew. YOU GUYS! BLACK MILK! IN A BOTTLE! Is this not the craziest thing you’ve seen in all your life!?!

“A popular product with a unique look was what our team collaborated with Shatto to create,” said Creative Director Seth Gunderson. “The bottles received much attention and continue to set Shatto Milk apart as a place for memorable customer experiences.”

Here at SHS, we joined in celebrating this eclipse craze by raising our glasses of black milk toward the sun.

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