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Grocers: Treat Routine and Spontaneous Shoppers Uniquely

New FoodThink research shows meal planning and shopping prep differs by consumer segment.

  • September 16, 2015

Grocers: Treat Routine and Spontaneous Shoppers Uniquely

Can grocers influence shoppers who already have a plan? Between routine, stock-up, fill-in and spontaneous trips to the grocery store, nearly half of consumers (49%) self-report that their trips are planned and routine. A new white paper, “Meal Planning’s Effect on Grocery Shopping,” from Sullivan Higdon & Sink FoodThink explains what food marketers need to do to successfully target and reach both routine and spontaneous shoppers.

“While Millennials and parents are most likely to run to the store last minute between other errands and appointments, they are open to meal ideas from food companies in order to improve their meal planning abilities,” said Erika Chance, senior FoodThink researcher. “Grocers who help solve for the harried shopper’s needs will be able to guide the purchase decisions of these audiences more effectively.”

How to Engage with Spontaneous Shoppers: – Busy Millennials (130 index) and parents (123) are most likely to make spontaneous trips – Offer meal suggestions and recipes (47% of consumers like meal suggestions) – Time media placements (including social media) around mealtime

“Older generations likely have their go-to recipes and favorite grocery items already well established and predetermined. They really aren’t looking to change their ways,” said Chance. “However, if you know the shopping habits of this particular segment and have the data to back it up, then you can use that information to create personalized and targeted offers that will strongly appeal to them.”

How to Engage with Routine Shoppers: – Boomers with established patterns are more likely to make routine trips to the store (109) – Display effective POP to spur unplanned purchases – Use shopper card or credit card data to provide unique and personalized offers

The white paper also covers various meal planning topics, from what methods Americans use to plan their meals to how grocery shopping decisions are made along the path to purchase. FoodThink explains that 57% of Americans say they try to plan as many meals as possible, and 4 in 10 consumers even know which specific brand they’re going to purchase.

FoodThink white papers are built on proprietary research conducted in 2014 and utilize the responses from more than 2,000 U.S. consumers of diverse demographic backgrounds.

Download a free copy of the white paper with key implications for food marketers, and follow the FoodThink blog.

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